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Free-Roam MultiPlayer VR

Transforming VR Location Based Entertainment. Entrepreneurs across the globe are finding this business attractive for its ease of operation and faster payback.

Years of VR Expertise

XtraBlast FRMP VR is the culmination of years of VR expertise. We craft our games for operator profitability and customer loyalty.

Our Success Formula

Visual effects, game play that enables surprise ingame discoveries and improvisations, multiple levels that sustain the adrenaline rush are the ingredients of our success formula.

Creative Technologists

Our creative technologists constantly work on newer concepts adapting to the latest technologies. Thus our operators enjoy the benefit of thriving in the business.

Agile Implementation

We guide you through location selection and operationalization of the VR arcade. Our project methodologies are geared towards agile implementation and shorter time to market.

Flexible Plans

We fit the plan for your location and the market you have identified. We can help you scale to take full advantage of this virgin market.


We are XtraBlast

Pioneers in Virtual Reality Location Based Entertainment game development.

Virtual Reality technologies have opened up new possibilities for entertainment. Imagine your customers transported to a dream world where they are the heroes. The immersion and exhilaration has never been experienced before. The good news is the technology is only getting better.

Unlike traditional arcades, our VR arcades can be easily deployed, have low operational complexity and give fast payback.

Why XtraBlast?Play Trailer
360° Sneak Peek

Alien Bug Shooter Arena

Explore scenes with our 360° viewer above.

Easy Deployment & Operation

Our trained engineers will deploy, train and make the business ready for operations within weeks.

Lower Operational Cost

We have designed our pods for optimal space utilization. The idea is to keep your costs lower.

Customer Satisfaction

Consistently receiving good reviews from our customers. Customer satisfaction translates to repeat business.

Integrated Billing System

No revenue leakage. Daily reports will show your VR pods usage and money collected.

Flexible Configuration

Based on space available and investment, we will guide you on the business model and the VR pods that can be deployed.

Original & Quality Content

Rich portfolio and tons of original content, with an ever growing base.

Why Work with Us

6 Principles of Our Work

We model and deploy VR entertainment centers that occupy optimal space and give total fun for customers. Our VR pods can be deployed in Food courts, game cafes, malls, complexes, resorts, IT parks, shopping centers, residential complexes, cruises and theme parks. We invite franchise operators to take this opportunity to run a promising business.

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Location-Based VR to Reach $809 Million (by 2022), as Consumers Embrace the Social Side of the Immersive Tech  ~  Future Source Consulting
Unique, large-scale experiences like Free-Roam Multiplayer VR, which can never be duplicated at home, will soon appear in malls and other retail destinations around the country  ~  Forbes Magazine

Enjoy a Variety of Games Under One Roof

Rich Portfolio of VR Games
Our rich portfolio of VR games complement our main attraction of the Free Roaming Multiplayer VR (FRMP VR) Game. Customers get to enjoy a variety of games under one roof, while waiting for our premium FRMP VR game. Extra wallet share from repeat customers!

Committed to Releasing a New Game Every 6 Months

We Never Rest on Our Laurels
We never rest on our laurels. We are committed to releasing a new game every 6 months. We keep investing in R&D to enhance the existing experiences, lower the cost of implementation and improve operations.

Packages to Suit Your Budget & Aspirations

Expand as You Taste Success
We have flexible packages to suit your budget and aspirations. You can sign-up for one arena with 1400 sq ft (140 sq m) or go for a full fledged entertainment arcade spanning 3000 sq ft (300 sq m). You can start with a simple model and expand as you taste success.

Make Money While Having Fun!

Become our partner to our exciting chain of Virtual Reality centers by franchising with us! We make your investment experience more rewarding.

When you decide to franchise with us, you decide to become a part of a growing business community across the country. Our team will work with you right from the first call all the way through your successful journey.

Implementation Timeline

Creative Game Play

Our team of creative artists, technologists, mechatronics engineers, game coders, 3D modellers and IT engineers have mastered the magic of marrying creative game play with best of breed technologies.

Good Profits. Easy Operations.

Virtual Reality Entertainment Business A great opportunity!

We have set up and helped to grow 18 VR game centers. Discover how we can help you grow today.

Next Steps

Virtual Reality Franchise Benefits
  • Identify a facility with 1400 sq ft (140 sq m) or 3000 sq ft
    (300 sq m) play space that has medium to high footfall potential
  • Connect with us to model key business variables specific to your circumstances
  • Satisfy your due diligence requirements in relation to our solution, roadmap and ongoing support offering
  • Request a formal proposal from us
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